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Matthews latest recordings

Some of my recordings can be downloaded on a pay what you feel basis, if you download for free I would apreciate it if you could post links to the various downloads on to your facebook and twitter pages and follow the links on the side, thank you and I hope you enjoy the music.


  The New single Everafter Evermore / As I Think About The Time  
  Debut album 'still THINKING? still DREAMING' (2017)
A demo of this album was made as a CD-r in 2014 this is very different.
Secrets for September - Insert Title Ear (2016)  
All Living Fear - Fifteen Years After (2007)  
All Living Fear and Corrosion CDs can be purchased from the All Living Fear Merchandise page. Secrets for September CDs and Downloads can be bought from Here.  


Is all on my YouTube Channel here